Where are you in this?

Standing at the edge of a lake with a gentle breeze blowing. The birds are singing as tiny animals hop, skip, and jump through the forest surrounding you. The water in front of you is calm, unmoving, and peaceful. Still.

Staring at a sea of endless red lights on the backs of cars filled with people frustrated that it has been TWENTY MINUTES AND WE STILL HAVEN’T MOVED YET AND STOP HONKING AT ME!!! Still.

Opening your eyes after crying. Emotions have flooded your very soul, and you feel so empty, hurt, torn, beaten, defeated, and you see that your friend, your confidant, your partner is there….. Still.

Wherever you are still, God is Still. And maybe that frustrates you because you feel like He isn’t moving (Still), but He is there (Still) and He brings peace (Still). And you can trust that while you may not see or know or understand, when you look for Him, He will still be there.

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