The Music Artist

As a family life instructor in Central Virginia and youth director at a church, Rep realized something. Music was a huge part of the lives of the youth that he interacted with daily. The problem was that the music that was out there wasn’t encouraging and building up those young listeners. That was when he started rapping and soon began to build up a following with his mixtapes. Something was missing though. While he had Jesus anthems and trap songs that got the audiences hype, he realized that he wanted to bring people deeper into the issues that were being faced around the world. So, he became labels a story-teller and social conscience artist. Now, he has worked with a featured on tracks with producers and artists in the US, Sweden, England, and more. He’s been on compilations, mixtapes, radio stations, and even has two books out. Rep’s message….
What good is a light in a well-lit room? We need to bring light to the dark till the dirt.

The Author

Auri Jones was born in 1984 in Columbia, Maryland to Spencer and Joan Jones. His love for reading sparked his love to write at an early age when his mother told him a story one summer day in effort to help her son escape a funk of boredom. The story she told captured his attention, and when she was finished, she told him that the story was made up on the spot. “I can do the same thing”, he challenged himself.
Over the years, Auri has had a life of many experiences: a camp counselor, media/speech professor, motivational speaker, youth director, and more. He has traveled all around the U.S., parts of Canada, and overseas.
He is currently working on continuing his first book series, the Abandoned Prayer Series, which deals with modern day and new perspectives on prayer.

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