God, help me grow deeper in my relationship with you. I’m not perfect, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Help me to trust you through the changes and cover my fellow believers in prayer. Help me to purpose in my heart to serve you no matter what. God, give me the wisdom to know what’s right and to realize that what’s good isn’t always right.. Help me to surrender all to you. Give me the strength to do what’s right and help me remember that the battle is yours even when I feel surrounded and outnumbered. Help me to love like you love. Remind me of your strength in my weakness and your purpose in my struggles. Let me rest beside still waters and realize that you are the Good Shepherd. Help me show others that you are a practical God. Let me realize that I can be weak. I can struggle, but let me remember that you are the essence of good and good always outweighs the bad. God, make me uncomfortable and take my breath away.

Prayer was never meant to be passive. So many times, we treat it that way. Like we are supposed to just spout out some requests and wait for God to do something. Abandoned Prayer means that we pray as if we have no other choice but to put our hope on the line. The first book in this series is called God, Make Me Uncomfortable, and it simply dares us to cast away everything that might cause us to hide in our comfort zones—wait, no–it dares us to destroy our comfort zones in order to trust the God who is our comfort. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but you are in for a journey. I promise that if you allow yourself to really pray this prayer, your life will change.

God, what is the true reality of my relationship with you? Let me identify giants in my life and let them fall. Take my shame and redeem me worthy. Break my will and help me to submit it to you; expecting and hoping in your promises. My identity is not found in what I’ve done or what people say, but in You. May my name bring glory to yours. God, I want to have faith and endurance, but there are times when I feel like you’ve forsaken me. I know I must endure hardships and discipline. Help me persevere for your glory alone. Deliver me from the cages the enemy wants to overwhelm me with. Give me mighty men that will be my support when the enemy tries to attack, and build me up in the strength and protection you provide. Remind me that you are Christ in my Caves and give me joy that is found in you. Open my eyes to see what dangers lie on the balcony. There are battles I’m going to win and some I will lose, but there is always complete victory in you. God, may I stay broken so that I may function wholly through your perfection.”  

The second book in the Abandoned Prayer Series finds the youngest in the Comfurt family realizing that there are some areas in their lives where they’ve tried to take control and fix up on their own aside from God. What lies ahead are some trials, struggles, and revelations that the brother and sister duo face along with some old and new friends to remind them of God’s desire to make them function wholly in Him.

“When all is said and done…what is your life?” That question revisits Chris as he is presented with an opportunity to be a camp counselor with his best friend, Eddie. Read along as Chris and his friends recount hilarious and powerful stories from one crazy summer, and how God teaches them lessons upon lessons about His ever-seeking love for them.

This book is dedicated to my camp family from Camp Sandy Cove, a Christian camp that I was apart of in the Pocono Mountains of Pa through its move to High View, West Virginia. Sadly, the camp is no longer operating after over 50 years, but the camp family is still strong. This also gives a look into some fun memories growing up. There is a good mixture of fact and fiction in it, but I know you’ll enjoy it all. I won’t spoil anything for you.

Jackson Comfurt hasn’t been heard from in a long time, and there’s a reason for that. He’s been in trouble–big trouble. Life hasn’t gone the way Jackson planned, and it’s up to a friend from his past to help bring him back to the fold. Along the way, he and some new friends get pulled into a mystery that will prove that God is God no matter our weaknesses and that when we are at our weakest, He is strong.

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